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Butterfly + Heart Wax Seal Necklace This handmade wax seal necklace reads Tu Me Fixe in French meaning You Complete Me. The butterfly is a symbol of the soul; the heart, love. Shown together they represent soul mates. Each piece of Pyrrha wax seal jewelry is cast in reclaimed sterling silver or bronze from a 19th century wax seal and is handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada. $159.95 Approx. 3/4" round.

Accomplishment Wax Seal Necklace This handmade wax seal necklace features a crown of feathers, which symbolizes serenity, protection and accomplishment. Each piece of Pyrrha wax seal jewelry is cast in reclaimed sterling silver or bronze from a 19th century wax seal and is handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada. Approx. 7/8" x 1". $179.95

Ambition Wax Seal Necklace This handmade wax seal necklace seal reads Raptim Ad Sidera Tollar: I Would Go As Far As The Stars. Each piece of Pyrrha wax seal jewelry is cast in reclaimed sterling silver or bronze from a 19th century wax seal $199.95

Five Fleur De Lis Crest : Motto reads "Virtus sibi premium" meaning "Virtue is it's own reward". The fleur de lis represents purity and light. $149.95
Lion : Seal says "Spero", which means "Hope", in Latin. $109.95
Bee : Seal says "Mon ami" which means "My friend". Bees are symbolic of wisdom. $99.95

And yes it is all available in gold.

Butterfly + Heart Wax Seal Necklace This handmade wax seal necklace reads Tu Me Fixe in French meaning You Complete Me. The butterfly is a symbol of the soul; the heart, love. Shown together they represent soul mates. Each piece of Pyrrha wax seal jewelry is cast in reclaimed sterling silver or bronze from a 19th century wax seal and is handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada. $159.95 Approx. 3/4" round.
Crest Meanings
Anchor : This piece is cast from an ancient Roman amulet. Anchor Crest : Seal reads "Still have Hope". The anchor is a symbol of hope.
Angel Face : Seal reads "Promitus et Fidelis" which means "Forward and Faithful" in Latin. The wings represent protection.
Arm with Wings : The arm with an arrow represents a warrior, and the wings, protection in battle. The motto reads "Finis Coronat Opus" which means "The End Justifies the Means"
Balance : Seal reads "What goes down must come up" in German.
Beacon: Symbolic of someone who is watchful. It is the marine symbol of hope.
Bee : Seal says "Mon ami" which means "My friend". Bees are symbolic of wisdom.
Greyhound : The dog is a symbol of loyalty and companionship.
Birdcage : The bird is flying out of the cage, and it reads "Qui me neglige, me perde", which means "If you neglect me, you lose me".
Birth of Venus : Seal symbolizes how beauty came to this world. Venus is also known as Aphrodite, the goddess of desire.
Bleeding Heart : The arrow is a symbol of directed energy. When it pierces the heart, it represents the sting of love.
Boat on the Rocks : Signifies perseverance in times of trouble, a person with a strong disposition.
Bubble Dragon : At the center of the pendant is the Dragon seal, representing protection.
Butterfly : The soul, rebirth. The ancient Greeks depicted the spirit of a person as a winged stick figure. Interpretation of that symbol gave rise to the idea of the soul as a butterfly.
Carpe Diem : Seal reads "Carpe Diem" which means "Seize the Day", in Latin.
Cherub : Seal reads "L'espoire me reste dans l'orage" in French, which means "My hope remains even in the storm". The angel is sitting on an anchor, which is a symbol of hope.
Cherub and Butterfly : Cherub (love) holds a butterfly, which represents the soul.
Chivalry Crest : Seal reads "Shame on he who thinks evil of it" in old French. It is the motto of a medieval English order of chivalry. The horse represents knighthood; the crown, royalty.
Courage Carries Love : Lion (courage) carries a cherub (love).
Cross: This is the Latin cross which represents the cross of Christ's crucifixion. The shape of a true Latin cross, when folded, creates a cube: an ancient symbol of earthly authority.
Crown of Feathers: Feathers symbolize serenity.
Cupid : Seal depicts Cupid, who rode a goose until he got his wings. He holds his bow and arrow.
Dagger : Seal reads "Courage sans peur" in French, which means "Courage without fear".
Dog : The dog represents loyalty and friendship.
Dove : Seal reads "Paix" in French, meaning "Peace".
Dragon : Dragons represent protection.
Dragon and Axe : Dragons symbolize protection and the axe it holds represents duty in battle.
Dragon in Crown : The dragon symbolizes protection, the crown, nobility.
Duke of Frederick : The bears represent someone who fiercely defends their children. The crown indicates nobility.
Eagle and Snake : The scene depicted on the seal represents the triumph of good over evil.
Eagle in Crown : Person of noble nature, strength and integrity. The wings are open, signifying protection.
Eagle of Virtue : Seal reads "Virtute Tutus" which means "By Virtue Safe". The eagle is a symbol of integrity and nobility.
Eagle Wing : Symbolizes protection.
Elephant: Elephants represent great strength, longevity, happiness, good luck and ambition.
Endless Love : Seal shows a heart inside a snake eating its tail: a symbol of eternity.
Enduring Friendship : Seal shows a dog and a sundial and reads "Time passes but friendship stays".
Eye : Seal says "Never despair".
Faith Crest : Motto reads "Spes mea in deo" meaning "My hope is in God". The sun represents the fountain of life, and the lamb symbolizes patience and gentleness.
Fidelity : Seal reads "Fidele En Absence" which means "Faithful in Absence" in French.
Fidelity and Virtue : Seal reads "Fidelity and Virtue" in Latin and shows a tree stump with new shoots, symbolizing new growth.
Five Fleur De Lis Crest : Motto reads "Virtus sibi premium" meaning "Virtue is it's own reward". The fleur de lis represents purity and light.
Flower : The flower represents beauty.
Forget-Me-Not (flower) : Seal reads "Forget me not".
Fox Head : Represents someone who will use all of their wit and wisdom in their defense.
Friendship Without Deceit : Seal reads "Friendship without deceit", in French.? The dove is a symbol of peace.?
Gazelle : Gazelles represent grace, gentleness and awareness.
Globe Crest : Seal reads "Hope is not yet crushed" in Latin. The rainbow over the globe is a sign of promise.
God For Us : Seal reads "God for us". The arm signifies strength.
Grand Duke : This is an old heraldic seal from Luxembourg. The armour represents brave warriors, and the crown, nobility.
Gryphon : The gryphon is a mythical creature - half lion, half eagle. It represents death defying bravery.
Gryphon and Ring : The gryphon (bravery) holds a ring in its beak, symbolizing fidelity.
Gryphon Crest : The gryphon represents death defying bravery.
Hand : Seal says "Love Truth". The hand is a symbol of sincerity.
Hand with Book : Seal says "Me meliora manent", which means "Better fortunes await me".
Harp Crest : The harp represents good judgment. The flower, hope and joy: the crescent, honor: the stars, nobility. A tiger (valor) and lion (courage) hold a hand which symbolizes sincerity. In the lower right is a crocodile, signifying power.
Heart Lock : Seal reads "You Hold The Key" in French.
Heart Print : Seal reads "You are imprinted on my heart" in French.?
Hearts : Seal reads "Forever".
Heron : Herons represent aggressive self determination and longevity.
Heron Crest : Herons are symbolic of the eternal struggle of good against evil.
Hidden Flower : Seal reads "If you look for me, you will find me" in French.
Honor : Seal reads "A mind that cannot be bent" in Latin. The stag represents protection; the crown, nobility.
Horse and Crown : Horses symbolize power, grace, and intelligence. It is holding a crown, representing nobility.
Horse Cameo : The horse is a symbol of intelligence, courage, nobility, speed, and grace. It also signifies energy and impulsiveness.
Horse Head Crest : The horse represents intelligence, speed and grace. The crown signifies royalty.
Hourglass : Seal reads "Seize me before I seize you".
I Am Well : Seal reads "I am well".
Integrity : Seal reads "Always the same" in French.
Key : This key was cast from an authentic Victorian skeleton key.
Lamb and Tree : The lamb is a symbol of gentleness of character and patience under suffering. The tree represents life.
L'amour : Seal shows a cherub with a heart and reads "L'amour" which means love in French.
Leaf : Seal reads "Je ne change qu'on mourant" in French, which means "I change only in death".
Leopard Crest : Motto reads "Murus aenas conscientia sana" meaning "A sound conscience is a wall of brass". This denotes innocence. The leopard is symbolic of a valiant and hearty warrior, and the helmet signifies invulnerability and strength.
Lion : Seal says "Spero", which means "Hope", in Latin.
Lion and Snakes : Lions represent courage and snakes, wisdom.
Lion and Stag Crest : Motto reads "Nec cupias nec netuas" , which means "Be neither fearful nor wanting". The stag represents peace and harmony and the lion, courage.
Lion Head : The lion is a symbol of courage.
Lion Shield : The center of the pendant is the lion seal, reading "Spero" which means hope in Latin.
Lion with Sword : The lion represents courage and the sword denotes justice.
Live in Peace : Seal reads "Live in Peace" in French. According to myth, ravens represent intelligence and have the ability to bring light.
Long Distance Love : Seal reads "Separated but not disunited" in French.
Love and Friendship : Seal shows a cherub (love) with a dog (friendship).?
Love Conquers All : Seal reads "Omnia Vincit Amor" which means "Love Conquers All" in Latin.
Love Moves The World : Seal reads "Love moves the world" in French and depicts a cherub kicking a globe.
Love Rules the World : Seal pictures a cherub on a globe with the words "Je le gouverne" which means "I rule it".
Luck and Protection : The wings represent protection; the horseshoe, luck.
Mindfulness : The seal reads "Let us consider" in French. The cherub symbolizes love and the owl, someone who is all knowing.
Mini Fleur de Lis : The fleur de lis is a symbol of purity and light. It has been used in many civilizations throughout time to symbolize female virtue and spirituality. It is also the symbol of French nobility.
Mum : Seal reads "Mum".
My Heart is a Safe : Seal shows two cupids shooting arrows at a heart on a pedestal.
My Life is a Prayer : Seal reads "Vota Vita Mea" which means "My life is a prayer" in Latin. The dragons on either side of the crown signify protection.
Neptune : Symbolizes the sea. King Neptune is also known as Poseidon.
Never Despair : Seal reads "Never Despair" in Latin. The arm with sword represents courage in battle.
Noah's Ark : Seal depicts the ark on a hill with a dove flying overhead. It reads "Good times follow the rain" in French.
Oak and Acorn : The oak tree is a symbol of strength, endurance & prosperity, while the acorn signifies potential, power & luck.
Owl : The owl represents wisdom and awareness. It also symbolizes the ability to see what is hidden.
Peace and Love : Seal reads "Pax Amor" which means "Peace and Love" in Latin, and features a dove, the symbol of peace.
Peace Crest : The dove at the top is holding a laurel leaf. The flowers on the shield are five petalled and are known as cinquefoils: they represent joy and happiness.
Pelican : The bird is shown feeding its young in a nest. The pelican was thought to be particularly attentive to her young.
Perseverance : Seal reads "Nothing without Effort" in French and pictures a cherub climbing a ladder to reach an apple.
Proud Horse : Seal reads "Proud but sensible" in French.
Rare Birds : Seal shows two birds and seal reads "Unique though two" in French. This represents two unusual types who have found each other.
Roman Shield : This piece is cast from an ancient Roman amulet.
Rose : The rose is a symbol of beauty and true love. Roses sometimes represent secrecy.
Running Horse : Seal reads "Valiant by land and sea" in Latin. Horses symbolize speed, intelligence and grace.
Russian : This is an old Russian seal from an industrial town that dates
Scissors : Seal says "We part to meet again".
Shamrock : Seal says "Erin go bragh", which means "Ireland forever".
Ship : Seal reads "Such is life". Boats symbolize adventure and travel.
Small Gryphon : Symbolic of death defying bravery.
Small Horse : Symbolizes intelligence, nobility, speed and grace. It also signifies energy and impulsiveness.
Small Squirrel : Represents a lover of the woods and nature, and is a symbol of someone who is trustworthy.
Squirrel : Squirrels represent someone who is a lover of the woods and of nature.
St.George : This seal depicts the classic tale of St.George and the dragon.
Stag : Represents youth, peace, and harmony.
Stag and Diamonds Crest : Motto reads "Leoni non sagittis fido" , which means "I trust to the lion, not to the arrows". Loosely translated, this means "I trust my own strength".
The stag's head symbolizes strength, and the three diamonds on the shield represent integrity.
Stag and Swan : Stags represent peace and swans, lovers of poetry. The seal reads "Vinbit Veritas" which means "Truth Conquers All".
Star : Seal reads "Lead, but not by force" in Italian. The star is a symbol of truth, the spirit and hope.
Stork : The stork is a symbol of the strong maternal bond.
Stork Crest : Seal reads "Esse Quam Videri" which means "To be rather than to seem". The Stork is a symbol of immortality and longevity, vigilance and mediation.
Survival Crest : Seal reads "Stand fast, step ahead" in Latin. The lions represent courage.
Swan : Swans represent someone who is a lover of poetry and learning.
Swan and Helmet : The swan represents someone of higher learning, while the helmet denotes bravery and determination.
Swan Crest : Motto reads "Vincit Veritas : "Truth Conquers All". The Swan represents grace and perfection, and a lover of poetry and learning.
Sweetness : Seal reads "Thy Sweetness is My Life". The rose bush signifies true love.
Three Graces : In Greek mythology, the three graces represent charm, beauty, and creativity.
Tree : Seal reads "Rather die than change", in French.
Truth : Seal is a rebus, showing an eye, a pen, and the word truth, meaning "I write truth" or "I am truthful".
Truth without Fear : Seal reads "Verite sans peur" which means "Truth without fear" in French. The wings represent protection.
Two Birds : The birds share a drink at the water basin, signifying friendship.
Two Eagles Crest : Motto reads "Dum spiro spero" meaning "While I breathe, I hope". Eagles are symbolic of nobility and ingenuity.
Unicorn Head : The unicorn symbolizes extreme courage, virtue and strength.
Unicorn in Forest : Unicorns represent fierce courage, virtue and strength.
Vanity : Seal reads "Omnia Vanitas" which means "All is Vanity" in Latin.
Vita : Seal shows a bee and reads "Vita" which means "Life". The bee is a symbol of the original source of all life and inspiration.
Winged Heart : Seal reads "Tout pour vous" which means "All for you" in French. The wings around the heart signify protection.
Wings and Wheat : The wings are symbolic of protection, and the wheat signifies the achievement of one's hopes and dreams.
Wings of Friendship : Seal reads "May the Wings of Friendship Never Lose a Feather". Wings represent protection.

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