Rodrigo Otazu is the largest purchaser of swarovsky crystals in the world. This jewelry is absolutely spectacular. Stars and jewelry lovers alike are collecting his treasures.
Hold a piece. Watch the metal flow like water and the stones reflect the light they have gathered on their journey. Each Otazu creation explores a new interplay of water and light, a new dance in celebration of femininity. Otazu jewelry is all handcrafted, incorporating the unrivaled swarovski crystals. His jewelry is like magic in drawing people to the wearer. Many singer and actresses enjoy wearing otazu jewelry because of its dramatic appeal and glamorous radiation.


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* new otazu 2007

I am a hopeless dreamer! and a man of the world... when I left home at the age of 17 I wanted to be able to work and see what was happening around the world and to contribute to the beauty and glamour that surrounds us. Jewellery fit perfectly in my small suitcase that was also filled with huge dreams! My love for designing & jewellery was instant and it's never faded.

Oh my goodness this is a good necklace in every color. How many can I own? Otazu classic mix 111384 argent ( the new swarovsky color), lemonsold , and of course sky.... $329.95sold and we have more colors coming.

This is a wonderful necklace. I wear mine alot Otazu classic collection , 111263 fresh, lemone and azucar mix. $329.95

tenderness 112035 sky sold and light sweet blue $309.95

Classic 111391 light sweet pink and sky $ 239.95

Tenderness 112051/sky 35 inches long. $259.95 ( I love both of these) and Tenderness 112041/mix a $389.95 *click here for a clearer picture

Classic collection 111263 sky $329.95 ( we also have this one with black leather)

. Classic collection 111581 light sweet pink $269.95

Otazu tenderness 112055crystal ab $329.95,

cla111351 spirit $269.95

Otazu classic 111351 azucar mix $269.95

Otazu Beach collection 110065 crab and sky $309.95

Otazu Beach collection 110066 $259.95 and Classic 110424 azucar $329.95

Otazu classic light sweet blue $269.95

Tenderness 111969 pastel mix $339.95

Otazu classic 110994 light sweet pin, spirit, and light sweet blue $179.95

Tenderness collection 111975 white opal $309.95, and 111960 spirit $269.95

Classic 111384 azucar mix, pastel mix, and spirit mix $329.95 I love these.

Otazu Tenderness 112057 sky $309.95, Classic 111528 pastel mix $349.95

and 111347 sky $229.95

Beach 110067 $249.95, Beach 110069 $359.95

Tenderness collection 112056 sky $329.95,

Tenderness 111991 light sweet blue $369.95

Classic 111263 spirit $329.95 and Tenderness 112023 light sweet pink $309.95

First picture top to bottom 121351/sprt, 121571/aquasold ,122015/pastel mix,122051crystal ab. All are $159.95

Earrings left to right Tenderness 152116 crystal ab, and crystal $109.95,

Tenderness 150043 light sweet blue, crystal, crystal ab, light colorado topaz, lrab $99.95,

Tenderness 121972 $239.95. I love this bracelet. Also available in crab

Classic earrings 131437 $109.95

Classic bracelets top to bottom first picture. 121263 sky $179.95,122051/sky$159.95,122996/sprt $179.95, 121976 crab$149.95sold , and 122048/crys$179.95sold

Bracelets top to bottom 121351/sky $159.95, 121991 light sweet blue $199.95, and 121538 azucar mix ( sold) and light sweet pink $179.95,

121347/sky $149.95,121990/fire opal $159.95, 121966 light sweet pink $179.95, 121538 pastel mix $179.95,
second picture
121347 pastel mix $149.95, 121534 spirit $139.95 and 121538 $179.95

121351 azucar mix $159.95, 121966 light sweet blue $179.95 sold and 122016/sky $159.95. ( this one is extra long.)

left to right 152099 turq $99.95, 152100 crystal $139.95 152104 white opal $119.95 and 152107 light sweet pink $119.95 middle two are sold

left to right 131851 crystal, mix a $139.95 sold , 131838 light sweet pink $139.95 sold , 131614 crystal ab $109.95

Classic 151041 lime, fire opal and white opal $99.95 We have these in tons of colors, just ask us what is available.

Tenderness 152108 $129.95turquoise pair is sold

Otazu cla111351/clmi $259.95

Otazu cla 150200 $109.95 We have these in a ton of colors

Otazu cla 151440 $109.95 Purple and black still available.

Otazu cla 121571V $159.95

Otazu cla 111571 $259.95 clear sold

Otazu cla121538crab $189.95

Otazucla121347clmi $139.95

Otazucla121421crab $279.95

Otazucla121398 $219.95

Otazucla121351 $149.95

Otazu cla111531$329.95

CLA111571 $259.95

and the matching bracelets. CLA 121571 $159.95 I tried putting two bracelets together and wearing them as a necklace. It looks fabulous with the two colors plus there is a heart at the back of your neck.....

CLA111423 The first one is leaf and the second one is sun $239.95 I wear mine soooo much. leaf is sold

CLA111263 classic mix $329.95 I love this of course.

a must have for every jewelry wardrobe. CLA111534 crystal ab. necklace $389.95 and the matching bracelet is $199.95

PDA111732 crystal dorado $319.95

CLA120731 crystal ab $199.95

CLA111563 mixa $439.95

I love these PDA151842 earrings $119.95

CLA111391 classic mix and crystal black diamond crystal black diamond sold $239.95 each

CLA111391 crystal ab $239.95

CLA111347 classic mix. Necklace $229.95 necklace is sold and the bracelet is $139.95

bracelets top to bottom. CLA121554 crystal $189.95We only have the one in the middle left. , CLA120424 classic mix $189.95, and the bottom one is CLA120563 Classic mix $229.95

CLA120791 crystal ab, black leather $199.95sold but can be reordered

From the Thankful collection TFA121538pmix $189.95

. TFA121571lcot $159.95 the blue one is sold

tfa111365sky. $279.95 This is the last one in this color. We can no longer get this color!

TFAsmix $329.95 I tried this on and it is fabulous. OK I admit it , I try them all on..... How else is a girl to pick? We have reordered this one in the new classic mix colors for Kelly. I think it will be spectacular!

ClA111262pmix $369.95

These are the classic bracelets. Otazu cla 120563 $239.95 each.

Item # otazu cla121409/fres $199.95sold but is available in a ton of other great colors.

Item # otazu cla110563fres $449.95 92 cm long. I love this too!!! sold but can be reordered

Item # otazu cla 151042 $99.95

Item # Otazu cla 151041 $99.95

Item # Otazu cla 150200 $89.95each

Item # Otazu cla 151152 $139.95 we have in a ton of great colors just ask

Item # Otazu cla111104 $329.95.

Item # Otazu cla 111351 $259.95

Left to right Otazu cla151329 $119.95sold , Otazu cla 151329/clmi

bracelet # Otazu cla121342 $179.95

bracelets top to bottom cla121112 $189.95, and the bottom is cla121351 $149.95

Another juicy necklace from the thankful collection 111634 $319.95

little stud earrings available in lots of colors cla130020 $74.95

BIOGRAPHY Rodrigo Otazu was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Travelling the world as a model for Calvin Klein, Rodrigo got so inspired by the city of Sydney, that he created his first necklace with a handful of pearls . This piece was featured int the Australian Vogue, and a star was born. Rodrigo's collections became an instant success with buyers and press. The glamour and dramatic appeal of Otazu's designs attracted support from celebrities including Kelis, Lauren Hill, ARetha Franklin, Destiny's Child , and Lil' Kim. In September 2002, Britney Spears commissioned Rodrigo to design pieces for her White Snake perfomance at the MTV Awards. The Britney jewellery was so successful Spears requested many further pieces for her European tour. Despite all Rodrigo's achievements, he is still looking for new challenges. Through his unique autograph, Otazu remains one-step ahead, he describes his concept "Why my jewellery is special? Because they are 'me'. Emotion is the power of my creations that's shy mys jewelleryis a success:: they are pure"

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As a mainstay in the A-list celebrity jewelry box, designer Rodrigo Otazu has come onto the fashion scene with little more than an eye for rare design and a worldly vision. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rodrigo began as a male model, particularly for Calvin Klein, but found his passion in a handful of pearls that inspired his first design. That very necklace was instantly picked up by Australian Vogue, and catapulted his career. Since then, his bold pieces have adorned the likes of Lauren Hill, Beyoncé, Pink, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears - who commissioned him for her MTV awards performance - and many more Hollywood names.
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