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tea for me... Another snoopy bit of wildlife... at my hotel in Vancouver. He was eyeing up my bagel.

anyone want to buy a harley?

snow again?

These eggs were tre delicioso.... Taryn kindly gave them to us.... And what do you think of my Dad's old tool box. Mike was somewhat horrified when he discovered it soaking in our tub...... But he made all the wooden squares for me so I guess he got over it. ......

the second picture is stuff that is not longer for sale... How bad ( or good am I)... I am off to San jose this weekend with my handsome husband....... adios for now

can you believe these little brats

Cosmo is such a good kitty.

I think they may actually be living in our yard now...

hand forged aren't these fabuloso?
Dragonfly and Amber Gallery

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I am home from Mexico. Wow that was a fast month. I sure miss the food and the sun and and and ..... This is a picture of this guy that sells sweets on the beach. Very sweet. and this is how it looks at our house. Great note from the universe isn't it?

what a prawn cocktail looks like in mexico.
I still have not found someone to make rosehip jewelry.... so here goes ... i am going to try.... don't laugh. Now I need to learn how to enamel.... the rose hips really need to be orange. Making stuff is fun....

My mom bought this sunbeam mixer in 1956... It still is a beauty

I am making a banana split cake for some wonderful ladies I know... xx

Isn't my typewriter great? My Dad gave it to me in grade 7 ( or thereabouts). I just revived it for some reason... It was state of the art back then..
This is an old advert I found.1970's Sears Celebrity Power 12 Electric Typewriter As depicted by its name, Sears Celebrity Power 12 is indeed a star with its fine character carves. It is 6inches tall, 17inches wide and 12inches deep. It is carried by its own trimline and is one of the most sought for. Made by smith corona...

quite a while ago in India....

Isn't this scarf stunning? I am a very lucky duck indeed.....

I am still obsessed with rosehips. I have decided that I am going to teach myself to enamel jewelry and make some rose hip jewelry... Luckily I come from a childhood where we all believed we could do anything we wanted ( without the lessons). For the most part my Dad was right. ( except for being a ballerina)

This is on my last trip to Penticton. Luckily there are not laws against taking photos and driving....

Me deciding on this outfit? I just discovered that you can take pictures in a mirror like that... Could be trouble. I find pictures taken directly of a person are really hard to like. I think it is because the pictures are flat and your soul is missing. So for some reason when you take a picture in a mirror it seems better. Try it.... PS Have you noticed the size of the rose hips this year? I am imagining a rose hip ring. I need to find someone that does enameling.....


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