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Virgins, Saints and Angels

Dedicated to designing adornments inspired by Goddesses that encourage enlightenment, expression, and creativity by incorporating imagery and symbolism borrowed from life in Mexico.

Well, I guess everyone loves this jewelry. We sold over half of our order in the first week. We have tons more coming. And if anyone wants to special order anything, let me know......


Key rings $79.95 a smart girl could pop one onto her necklace....

St Christopher $199.95

mi vida $189.95

rings left to right $279.95, $319.95, $269.95 and $269.95

buckle $399.95, Earrings $299.95, and the last buckle I LOVE!!! $339.95

the first necklace is great in silver too. Charmed magdalena $ $259.95, and the last one is $349.95

cross $219.95, temptation ring $279.95 avail in tons of great colors

the second one is if you want to spend more money.... 18 kt gold and diamonds


the lighter is $49.95


yes we knew you would love it as much as us. And wait till you see the beautiful container it comes in.
the earrings are vinea temptation earrings $259.95

bag your buckle will come in

these are cuffs , the first one is $599.95 and is amazing in silver with golden shadow , I will take a picture for sure next time it comes in.

the last one the st christopher. $199.95

The first two necklaces are $219.95

You can e.mail us at dragonflyandamber@shaw.ca

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