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If you are interested in a piece of jewelry the best thing to do is to right click on the item, click on email picture and then email it to me at dragonflyandamber@shaw.ca . It saves time for everyone as this is a huge website and sometimes it will be hard for you to find the piece again. Don't feel bad my stores have huge amounts of jewelry too....... Happy shopping xo

anklets $49.94 each,

toerings $19.95 each.... , dragonfly brooches are $79.95 each. The bobby is $29.95 and the barrette is $79.95

All of the above toe rings are $24.95 each and are swarovsky crystal. You can wear them in the water and the crystals will not fall off!!! Jennifer Aniston wears the shell on the left. It is my favorite!!! The anklet is $54.95

More beautiful toes rings $24.95

Toe Rings All of these are wonderful $19.95 each.

anklets 1

anklets 2

anklets 3


anklets 4


You can e.mail us at dragonflyandamber@shaw.ca

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