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If you are interested in a piece of jewelry the best thing to do is to right click on the item, click on email picture and then email it to me at dragonflyandamber@shaw.ca . It saves time for everyone as this is a huge website and sometimes it will be hard for you to find the piece again. Don't feel bad my stores have huge amounts of jewelry too....... Happy shopping xo

Ayala Bar is an internationally recognized designer, cognizant of the trends in the fashion world, but always true to her inner vision. She was recently inspired to create this limited edition series after a trip to India, a much of that collection is included here. This jewelry includes beads of richly colored silk and is just exquisite . Ayala Bar lives and works in Israel.

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AB5124$64.95 and AB390 $94.95 sold

AB6100 bookmark $49.95, Ab819 $209.95 and ab8275 $39.95sold

AB 8006bg Barrettes
top row $36.95, 2nd Row $36.95 and last row $39.95

ab 3873 necklace $119.95, ab737 $64.95, ab 553 $59.95, ab 739 $44..95the only item still avail are the earrings on the far right.

AB 761 $49.95, ab 5115m $59.95, ab 5114t $79.95, ab 5116G $79.95,
second row ab 5114r $79.95, ab 5116R $49.95, ab 5117W $39.95, ab 5117M $39.95, and ab 5119 $49.95Everything is sold here except 5116G, and 5117M.


Earrings left to right AB560 $114.95,(sold) AB592$89.95(sold) and AB622 $89.95


brooch item # AB2612 $109.95,sold AB2609 $249.95,sold and AB2599 $109.95

Left to right Item # AB455 $129.95, WE have only the first pair left the rest are sold AB457 $54.95, AB527 $109.,95, AB437 $119.95, and AB 524 $59.95

Everything here is sold except 452B the blue pair. left to right first row AB442P$29.95, AB 442G $29.95, AB513$49.94, AB533$39.95, AB503 $29.95, and AB454$29.95, second row AB470 $59.95, AB492 $64.95, AB498 $64.95, AB443P $17.95,AB482 $49.95, and 452B$59.95, and AB452M $59.95

Everything is sold except 5077 and 5080 Item # 5077T$59.95 $5077m $59.95, 5080M$29.95, 5080B$29.95, AB5076T$69.96,5074M $44.95, 5071P $64.95, AB5074BK $44.94, AB5074BR $44.94, AB5075P $34.95, AB5073M $44.95, ab5073bk $44.95

Item # MN7705 mezuzahsold , and the one by Ayala Bar is Ab6048 $199.95 cdn or $171 U.S.

Crosses left to right AB 5054T,P,and M $139.95 ($122. U.S.), AB 5044 $140 ($122 U.S.), AB5033 $139.95 ($122 US) only 5044 is still avail



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