At this point, there are five books of Brian's collected stories & drawings. With almost two thousand stories still sitting in stacks on his table in the studio (not to mention all the napkins & placemats he's written on), we're thinking it's not too long before we'll see the sixth book. (He's promised it for Mother's Day, 2000. We're pushing for sooner…) All of the books are printed on heavy, Gainesborough text (a really thick, luscious paper) & they're all archival (which means that, unlike a lot of paperback books you'll see now, these books will hold up well into the Millenium). Each book is an experience all its own. All are $29.95 Each
Mostly TrueThis is the first book of the trilogy, filled with quirky stories and drawings. This book was transferred directly from the first StoryPeople sculptures at the request of a fanatical group of San Francisco Bay area collectors. It includes some of the best known stories, including "Flying Woman" and "Believing My Father".Our galleries recommend this book as the starter (if you're forced to restrain yourself to just one...) It is printed on archival 70 lb. text paper, so it handles almost any abuse. Item #B1
Still Mostly TrueThis is the second book, first published in 1994. It includes over 80 stories and drawings. Many of our collectors have said this book expands on the laughter and lunacy of the first book, Mostly True. It includes such favorites as "Angels of Mercy" and "True Things".Item #B2
Going Somewhere SoonThis is the third book, completed on Valentine's Day, 1995. While the first two books were done in Berkeley, this book was done in Iowa , where the artist moved with his family after 16 years in Los Angeles and San Francisco. One of his collectors has said that his stories make perfect sense for someone who's lived in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Iowa, so maybe this third book is about coming home. Andreas has also intimated that the title of the third book is the logical response of someone who has found themselves stranded suddenly in the food hell of a small Midwestern town. This book carries some of the most resonant stories including "Butterflies" and "Chihuahua". Item #B3
The fourth book of the trilogy, Strange Dreams, appears to have been completed on the artist's birthday in September, 1996, but that's only because you can do what you'd like with time when you're printing books yourself. To be honest, he was actually trapped in Paris with an ear infection on his birthday. The books were safely boxed and sitting here at StoryPeople, waiting for his return. "I'd always planned on doing a trilogy", he says, "but I didn't figure out that meant I'd have to stop at three. So, I've developed a more relaxed attitude towards trilogies than people have been used to in the past..." The ninety, or so, stories in this book include some of his favorites, including "Simple Rules" and "Hindsight". Item # B4
Hearing Voices is the fifth book of the trilogy. (Brian says he's going to try & stretch the trilogy concept into a mini-series. He's working on the sixth one now...) This book, like all the others, is hard to categorize, but if we had to, we'd say it's the most domestic of the five books. It is a book that speaks to the real magic & wonder that you find in everyday moments, living with people in all their glorious strangeness, from the loopy ultimatum of "Time Out" to the quiet rightness of "Late Night". With over 120 stories & drawings woven together, it gives a quirky (but true) form to what it feels like to be alive at the turn of the Millennium... Item #B5

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