BB Simon
Our prices are in Canadian Dollars

For some reason, I lost my BB Simon jewelry scans. Most of it has already sold anyway. So for now here are some of the belts and I promise a much bigger collection in 2008 ..


If you are interested in a piece of jewelry the best thing to do is to right click on the item, click on email picture and then email it to me at . It saves time for everyone as this is a huge website and sometimes it will be hard for you to find the piece again. Don't feel bad my stores have huge amounts of jewelry too....... Happy shopping xo

bb simon $399.95

bb simon 08030153 $559.95

bb simon 08031142 $

bb simon 12031254 $

bb simon 12030111 $

bb simon 28090322 $

bb simon 09010158 $49.95

bb simon 050100513 $199.95, and the second one is $49.95

bb simon 080111058 $199.95

bb simon 17011153 $39.95
bb simon 19101224 $69.95

bb simon 21010512 $

bb simon 28090327 $

bb simon skull $

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