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If you are interested in a piece of jewelry the best thing to do is to right click on the item, click on email picture and then email it to me at . It saves time for everyone as this is a huge website and sometimes it will be hard for you to find the piece again. Don't feel bad my stores have huge amounts of jewelry too....... Happy shopping xo


$149.95 each


Bracelet $149.95, Ring $149.95 and the silver ring is $129.95, citrine ring $149.95 The rings are adjustable

Necklace chalcedony and garnet $199.95, and earrings are $49.95

Yolanta N3578 necklace $109.95 top earring E2396 $69.95, bottom earring e3579$89.95

Yolanta N3140jc $129.95, N3135jc $109.95 and E3138 $109.95

Yolanta N3372 $109.95

Yolanta N3455 $89.95 and the earring is e3457 $79.95

Yolanta 3570A $209.95 and the earring is E3321 $89.95

Yolanta N3450. This is a fabulous long piece. All swarovsky.... $269.95

Yolanta bracelet on memory wire. This looks fabulous on. Item #3571 $109.95, and the earrings are E3321 $79.95

Yolanta necklace 3582 $89.95, Earrings 3581 $79.95, and 3557 $49.95

These are a fabulous green swarovsky with a pink with green ab center... Fabulous. Necklace N2902 $119.95, Necklace N3022 $59.95 and the earrings are E3021 $59.95

Yolanta 3479 $119.95

Yolatne N3575 $139.95, and earrings are #975 $49.95

Yolanta N2905 $79.95, and the earrings are the same price.

Item # wolc en100a $139.95, available ozone blue, sky blue, chartreuse and clover pink.

Item # wolc gn100 $169 95 available garnet, apatite and labradorite

Item # wolc gn101 $169.95 available in aquamarine, green turq., pink opal, and white pearl

Item # wolc gn102 $179.95 white pearl & pink or blue peruvian opal

wolc gn104 $169.95 avail pink opal, aquamarine or green turq., and the second one is wolc pn103a $169.95 pearl and turq.

Wolc bg 100 $129.95 bracelet pearl and silver, and the other braclelet is wolc b105 $119.95 pod bracelet avail milk white, ozone blue and chartreuse

Item # wolc cp100tube $99.95 I am having one of these for me....

Catharine Popesco $ 69.95 each

Bracelet top to bottom, CLb330 $69.95 ( faceted round carnelian, green cushion adventurine, olive jade, mustard jade, freshwater pearl, and Korean jade carved butterfly) , CLbcar $79.95( Large carnelian and thai silver leaf toggle), CLb320 $119.95 (spot jasper, rectangle chinese art glass, faceted teardrop crystal, freshwater pearl, and sterling silver)

Item # CLn359 $79.95 Korean jade carved butterflies accented with sea coral, yellow jade, and freshwater pearl.

CLN353 $189.95, faceted botswana with freshwater pearl and thai sterling silver

Item # CLN325 $179.95, multi large oval lepidorite, rose quartz and thai silver with pink jade.

#CL e247 Earrings left to right
Top row $39.95, $59.95, $39.95,
Second Row $59.95, $49.95, $39.95


TBbracelets. $69.95 each

Item # PL 180. I love this bracelet and have one myself. Genuine African turquoise with very sparkly faceted yellow jade, a swarovsky bead, and a beautiful sterling clasp. $199.95

These necklaces are juicy. Peace and Love from New York Item # pl98 $99.95. These can be worn wrapped around double or for a nice long necklace.

PL 190 $99.95

PL191 $99.95

PL 192 $99.95

PL 194 $99.95

PL 197 $99.95

PL 1009 $109.95 Clear quartz with swarovsky crystal.

PL1010 $99.95 coconut and turquoise

PL1013 $149.95 Coconut , lemon jade and turquoise.

This is a ring or hair jewelry . It has elastic on the back $34.95

jade and rose quartz $89.95 Item # PL1001

Item # PL1005 this bracelet has ametrine, citrine, opal , chalcedony, pearl, amethyst, rose quartz , blue topaz and sterling silver.

PL 1006 pink peruvian opal. $129.95

These fabulous keyrings are a wonderful gift for anyone. $17.95 each

On this page I plan to put bits from various designers, who for whatever reason we will not be doing a full page on. There will be lots of beautiful things. There are lots of one of a kind treasures.

Item # GN20 This necklace looks absolutely fabulous on. And the designers are young and wonderful and from Toronto. $199.95

Chalcedony $149.95 P&L 88




Yolanta 2 choker $249.95, and the earrings are $95.95


Yolanta 3 necklace $119.95 and earrings $94.95


Yolanta 4 necklace $159.95,and the earrings are $59.95


Yolanta 5 necklaces top to bottom, $299.95, and $169.95, earrings left to right $$79.95 and $89.95


These beauties are $99.95


Dogeared item # dream $139.95, happy $99.95, love $64.95,cross $119.95, and fearless $79.95. We can custom order any of this in any size. I think the cross bracelet and the om necklace below would look so spectacular on men. I think this would be a really great gift for your guy.....

PL layering . We have found a designer that makes these fabulous layering pieces in every color combination that you can imagine. By adding one of these to any necklace that you buy you are virtually creating 3 looks for yourself. Imagine this with a Laly piece!!!!! Another must have in a lot of combinations!!

Item #PL99 $159.95. I love this one so much. Do I really have to sell it?

This lariat is wonderful and can also be worn as a bracelet $34.95 each

Foxy sand dollar is $34.95, and the malibu is also $34.95

Kharma $34.95 These are double sided!!

also double sided Wildflower, Lime it up, funky fuschia, and tempting turquoise. $34.95

These are all fabululous and are so well priced $59.95 each

$139.95 Item # PL22

Item # leaf $129.95

This is a fabulous little piece $29.95 get you all 5 charms. Attach them to your necklaces, your bracelets, your wallet .... the list goes one....

These are fabulous key rings $22.95 each

More fabulous keyrings $22.95

And more key rings... $22.95 each

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