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Leetal Kalmanson

We are very excited about our first very small LK order. The next order will be much bigger I can assure you!! The quality of this jewelry is outstanding!

LK2324ols $249.95 and the ring is $109.95

Bracelets top to bottom, LK2299or $79.95, and LK2311220g $139.95

the bracelet is LK2250natq $209.95, and the earrings are LK4070cy $109.95

This is the other side of the above bracelet LK2250natq $209.95, and the earrings are LK 4040mtq $99.95

Lk229oma $209.95

Lk 1276owgs $179.95

LK1345rc $269.95

LK11660ppd $169.95

LK1344 $259.95

LK1425pvcra $359.95

Lk2300ov $199.95

LK1308 $339.95 This piece is so so so so so spectacular I cannot even begin to tell you.

LK1277 om $279.95



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