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Yes, Bloodline is back! After having triplets they had to semi retire for a while but they are back at it now. And it is most beautiful......

BL wtn5red $279.95 Travellers lariat red.

BL wtn 14 smokey topaz omnia rincit amor $149.95, Wtn 4 $199.95, wtn $ $129.95

Bl wtn41 amethyst $269.95, lovn 3 18 inch $79.95, nhrt red $259.95 -- it says escape on the back of the heart, scn4 $249.95 20 inch.

fabulous rings $ 219.95

BL wtf2 $119.95, nre5 $79.95, le 49 $119.95

BL wtse1 $39.95, nshe2 $119.95, Le40 $99.95

bl ndb $209.95 I love this coral bracelet.

Wn 41 $269.95 32 inches

scn4 $169.95

hwn7 $249.95, Lovn3 $79.95 the leaves are double sided

left to right wt22 $119.95, scn1 $89.95,wt7 $

necklaces left to right NN9b Guide me $149.95, scn10 $149.95 32 inches, wtsn4 $59.95

left to right ln50 $99.95, lnk24 $149.95, love2 $79.95

left to right top row. $79.95, $99.95, $109.95
second row $69.95, $59.95

Bloodline wtn13 $399.95 This piece is spectacular. Remember everything by this designer is hand made. This piece has a buddha on it, and a cross and the word believe. And lots of fabulous semi precious stones.

these are fabulous Left to right. Wtfn2 $89.95,wtn6 $129.95, wtn6-2 $104.95

Item # bloodskn4 $119.95, ske11 $109.95 and emtn4 $109.95

Bloodline afn3 necklace $89.95 and the earrings are $109.95

Necklaces left to right afn2 $79.95, emtn4$99.95, and Wt21 $169.95. The word on this last one is dream and the word part is 18kt gold. They do tons of other words too. Just email me if you have any questions.


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